People's Network Services

In providing People's Network (PN) PC refresh and hosting services we have also worked with customers to review, amend and in some cases replace their existing PN Network with a new PN environment. This in the main has come about when customers are reviewing their Public Access network and their main servers or components. One of the key benefits of the iCAM implementation is that it doesn’t require a Windows Domain or Active Directory and in cases where other technologies have been deployed it has achieved substantial cost savings. The solution still needs to communicate with the LMS (Library Management System) but with the exception of filtering there is no requirement for any other on-site servers.

These projects have combined the PC updates and hosting services and added additional functionality and services including filtering, critical updates, anti-virus and enhanced support. The rollout of a new PN build and image would generally co-inside with a hardware / system unit refresh. The creation of customer’s new build/image includes all the relevant software for both the staff and public computers where the iCAM Workstation Administration applications are installed.

Customers are expected to source and purchase the desktop computers, associated warranties, operating system and any relevant software. We would need access to hardware and software at our offices for creation of the new images.


Key Features

  • Peoples Network PC refresh service
  • PN Network environment review and replacement options
  • Public network integrity assured
  • LMS integration and authentication
  • Potential costs and efficiency savings