Public PC Refresh

Working with customers we assist with their preparation, configuration and deployment of new Peoples Network public and staff computers. This service is based on each customers individual requirements and ranges from updating iCAM applications to building multiple new images with the latest software versions, managing hardware replacements and onsite rollout schedules. With some customers we provide an ongoing process of regular refreshes and updates to image(s) as required.

Each new build / image creation process is based on the customer’s software and configuration requirements for both the public PC’s and staff computers where the iCAM Workstation Administration Applications are installed. The new images can be created for existing or new hardware platforms as appropriate. The image creation process would use the customer’s relevant hardware or for customers acquiring new computer hardware we can request equipment is delivered to Insight Media for imaging prior to deployment.

A customer’s project would include image preparation and final build, a pilot site implementation, thorough testing, fine-tune and sign-off before rollout to all sites. The process of pre-imaging PCs or re-imaging computers on site would be agreed and built in to the deployment schedule.


Key Features

  • PC image preparation
  • Image creation and rebuild service
  • Custom service for each library service
  • Supports various hardware platforms
  • Pilot site implementation
  • Customer PC rollout service
  • Potential costs and efficiency savings