Wireless Cloud Print

Wireless Cloud Print

The iCAM Wireless Print Management solution extends the authorities iCAM Printer Control software implementation by utilising Google Cloud Printing functionality to deliver a public user’s print jobs from anywhere (on the internet) to the designated library iCAM Printer Control Administration application interface. This will allow the printing of web pages, web based email and also a range of various document formats.

The iCAM print solution will still allow the users document to be manipulated. This includes: changing the default grey scale printer to colour or A3 where appropriate. Altering the number of copies / pages required (select / deselect pages option). These key features enable public user’s to only pay for and receives the pages they actually require, regardless of what was initially selected and sent to the cloud printer.


Key Features

  • Public Users can print from their own devices when in the library
  • Public Users can print from anywhere over the internet to their library of choice. 
  • Configurable printing costs for different modes of printing (e.g. colour and black and white).
  • Different charges can be applied for different types of user (e.g. members and guests).
  • Provides the ability to change the printer after the document has been sent.
  • Easily re-print previous printouts without needing to re-send the document.
  • Detailed audit trail and printer usage reporting.


  • Ensure users know the cost of printing a document.
  • Greater control over printing by staff and public users.
  • Extend the life expectancy of your printers by eliminating excessive use.
  • Reduce paper and ink wastage.
  • Discourage abuse by requiring payment or staff intervention before documents are printed.
  • Generates a new income stream for public printing