Printer Control

Printer Control

iCAM Printer Control is designed to provide management and control to what is a resource hungry issue in public areas by preventing borrowers from sending their documents directly to your printers.

Instead, the software intercepts the print job and re-directs it to the iCAM Printer Control management software, which holds it until staff release the document following payment or the borrower pays for their document(s) via the iCAM  self-service kiosk application.

By preventing print jobs  being sent directly to your printers, iCAM Printer Control is able to ensure payment is taken before valuable resources such as ink and paper are used.


Key Features

  • Customisable public interface with clear indication how much the printout will cost before it is sent through for printing.
  • Configurable printing costs for different modes of printing (e.g. colour and black and white).
  • Different charges can be applied for different types of user (e.g. members and guests).
  • Search for a user's print jobs using their borrower / library ID.
  • Configurable message instructing borrowers on how to collect their printouts.
  • Provides the ability to change the printer after the document has been sent.
  • Easily re-print previous printouts without needing to re-send the document.
  • Detailed audit trail and printer usage reporting.


  • Ensure users know the cost of printing a document at the time of deciding to print.
  • Greater control over printing by staff and public users.
  • Extend the life expectancy of your printers by eliminating excessive use.
  • Reduce paper and ink wastage.
  • Discourage abuse by requiring payment or staff intervention before documents are printed.