Workstation Control

Workstation Control

iCAM Workstation Control is a PC booking system praised by customers for its ease of use. Libraries using iCAM have complete control over the access and booking of all their Peoples' Network PCs and devices.

Due to our unique PC management interface, staff can always clearly see which PCs are being used and by whom, and which are available for bookings. If all the computers are in use then staff can see at a glance how long before the next computer is available and, if necessary, add borrowers to a waiting list.

Computer bookings are easily started, extended and ended by staff but will also automatically end when the allocated time has expired ready for the next borrower's booking. If a borrower simply walks away early without ending their booking the software will detect no activity and automatically make the PC available for someone else.

Due to the nature of PC usage in libraries, Workstation Control is frequently configured to automatically close all open windows and clear out internet history when a borrower's session ends. This helps to keep each borrower's session private and prevents subsequent users from seeing another borrower's sensitive information such as bank account details or gaining access to their web mail.

A customisable web interface allows staff to manage bookings from any terminal whilst also allowing borrowers to make their next booking from home or during their current session.


Key Features

  • Real-time integration with your LMS for user validation (SIP2 and XML) including warnings about blocked users.
  • Management Information inline with CIPFA requirements.
  • Customisable screensaver to promote library events and services.
  • Configure PC usage limits per day/week, with the option of different profiles for each type of member or guest.
  • Self service access.
  • Maximise utilisation of your OPAC PCs with Quick Logon access.
  • Web interface for advanced bookings.
  • Prevent children accessing the internet until parental consent is received.
  • Customisable public interface with different desktops for adults and children.
  • Configurable Open Hours for different types of user and times of the year.
  • Send messages and notifications to users.
  • Configurable Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • Maintenance mode prevents faulty PCs from being booked.
  • Automatically power workstations on and off based on your opening hours.
  • Automated failover functionality ensures users can still use a Peoples' Network PC even when your server or network goes down.


  • Configurable open hours prevent PC access and bookings outside of opening hours and on holidays.
  • Booking restrictions ensure a fair use policy.
  • Self service functionality allows iCAM to fully manage public access with no staff intervention.
  • Quick Logon allows OPAC PC usage to be managed and included in your reports.
  • SIP2 and XML validation ensures iCAM validates users with up-to-date information.
  • Manage charging for computer time and usage.
  • Produce detailed management and auditing information.